Friday, July 31, 2009

Le Palais Gourmet's Matcha Tasting Event

Le Palais Gourmet in Beverly Hills, California, hosted an organic matcha tasting event to the delight of all the attendees. It was an epicurean event with matcha cuisine created by world renowned chef, Christy Choo (owner of Jin Patisserie).

The tea bar at Le Palais Gourmet was a spectacular with so many wonderfully prepared desserts all made with organic matcha, the Japanese green tea ground by stone into fine powder. Matcha is receiving world-wide acclaim for its super concentrated amount of antioxidants (more than 10 times that of pomegranate). Rather than simply, steeping the green tea, it's actually ingested which allows the concentrated antioxidants to stay in the body longer to deliver its powerful nutritional benefits. Let's take a look at all the tempting offerings!

These are creme brulee's made with organic matcha!

These are matcha pound cake slices over a bed of raspberry sauce with a touch of creme fraiche and a raspberry garnish.

Would you like a matcha soy smoothie? Perfect for the summer or anytime!

Take a look at all the canisters of tea along the walls . . . many of which are organic!

Beauty is everywhere at Le Palais Gourmet tea emporium !

The crowd gathers to watch Le Palais Gourmet's tea master, David Barenholtz demonstrate how to prepare hot matcha. This is a daily ritual of health, peace and tranquility.

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