Saturday, August 29, 2009

Leaf Organics, Sherman Oaks, CA

Join me as Organic Theme Park takes you to Leaf Organics restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA. Leaf Organics' philosophy is to "create healthful, tasty, and affordable foods, in their natural state, using only organic ingredients, imagination and conscious care." Let's check it out !

Just walking in to Leaf Organics, we are surrounded by bright life affirming colors in a modern casual environment. Let's read over their menu offering.

Katie smiles with anticipation and shows off her healthy meal. Let's take a closer look at the next photo below !

This is the cashew creamy cheese (not real cheese - as it is vegan, "cashew based") with onion & chive on crisp mango bread. Yum !

Here is the Bombay salad with lentil croquettes topped with a curry-coconut sauce with mixed greens (they added some kale per my request), sprouts, red cabbage, carrots and tomatoes. Delicious !

Here is one of their delicious wraps which are normally wrapped with a collard green leaf or you can pay for a sprouted grain tortilla instead.

Dessert time - all vegan and guilt-free! Also served was this young Thai coconut in the husk which are freshly cracked open before serving with its refreshing chilled clear natural sweet liquor.

The store front in Sherman Oaks, CA. There is also a location in Culver City, CA. as well. Be sure to stop in and treat yourself to some delicious casual style organic and raw food dishes. You can also find their products at Whole Foods, Erewhon and other natural organic and raw foods markets throughout California. Your body will thank you !

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Axe Sunday Brunch - Venice, CA

Organic Theme Park takes you to a Sunday Brunch at Axe Restaurant in Venice, California. Chef and owner, Joanna Moore has created a relaxing and minimalist designed vegan organic restaurant now in its 10th year on Abbot Kinney Blvd. The name Axe (pronounced ashay) is a salutation from Yoruba (where Nigeria is today) that means "go with the power of the Gods and Goddesses."

Sshhh! There's no name outside the building . . .don't let it intimidate you from entering.However, I do suggest reservations as guests line up outside!

Here is Axe's simple Sunday brunch menu. I love Axe's principles which embraces local organic farmers, seasonality of produce and earth friendly sustainability.

So what is Axe's Sunday brunch specialty? An absolute must is an order of their 9 grain pancakes with berries!

Of all my travels, this is the "holy grail" of vegan organic pancakes. Also served with genuine maple syrup!! These 9 grain pancakes have a wonderful nutty texture with the berries mostly hidden under. Perfection !!

Another great dish is their rice bowl with tofu, bean sprouts, carrot, cucumber, onion, cabbage, basil, mint with sesame dressing.

Here Kelli shows off her minimalist organic omelette of parmesan, goat cheese, scallion, spinach and basil.

Go early and don't forget to make your reservations for Sunday brunch at Axe!